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Free Shipping On Orders Over $75

Environmentally Friendly Return Program

We give you up to $1 for every empty meeku container you return

We are commited to a cleaner earth and protecting our furry friends

If we are going to put plastic onto the earth, then we will take that responsibility to remove it. Bring us your empty MEEKU containers and we will give you cash back, no questions asked. We will give you $.50 cash back for each returned container, or you can receive a credit of $1 for each returned container. It’s totally up to you!

Our #BIRDIES are helping

meeku recycle container program

Our #BIRDIES are helping

Join our community program and bring us your empty containers. Simply bring your cleaned, empty MEEKU container to our retail location, and we will give you $1 cash back or credit toward your next purchase.

Please Don't Hurt Our Home

help the animals

Please Don't Hurt Our Home

Our commitment to reducing the carbon footprint one container at a time starts here. Help us stop the unneccessary amount of litter that destroys the earth and help protect our environment and the animals.

All it takes is a small change

environmentally friendly

We kindly ask that if you cannot return a container back to MEEKU for any reason, then please take the initiative to recycle your empty containers. The importance and awareness of reducing our plastics on the earth isn’t something new. Join the #Birdies by simply doing your part and helping take care of the earth.

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