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The Founding of MEEKU

The concept of MEEKU started almost 25 years ago.
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MEEKU Isn't Just a Brand, It's a Person

“As a teenager I suffered with horrible acne and eczema.”

Skin care for me was very important, especially during my early teens. Through troubled times and endless attempts to fix a constant battle that I endured at this time because of acne, and dry skin issues including eczema, I embarked on a natural path to help heal myself.

Around the age of 15, I met a friend from India, and his name was MEEKU. He taught me how to incorporate fresh juices from fruits and vegetables to help heal my skin. Within 8 weeks, my skin became clear and looked healthier, so it was evident to me that a natural path towards skin care was viable.

Meeku introduced me to something has forever changed my life, and it all started with self-confidence; this is why I named this company after him.

shawn ryan bruno age 15
The truth is, I suffered as well.

In 2015, we rescued a scarlet macaw, and named him MEEKU. Meeku was hand-fed for a few months before he could eat on his own. He was trained properly on how to communicate with humans, adapting to a new home, and is now a happy bird who enjoys spending his time with the family, and gets spoiled with lots of highly nutritious fruits and vegetables.

This is why you’ll see a bird on the MEEKU logo.

Like Meeku, you can be rest assured that you’ll be in good hands with our company. Like a bird flying freely in the sky, you will know that our company is free from harmful ingredients.

Our passion for natural ingredients and animals is the reason I bring you MEEKU. We are Always Fresh, Natural, and Vegan.

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Stop buying expensive water and oil products, and take the next step with advanced skin care by treating your skin with methods that provide you the essential vitamins and nutrients you need for your skin. Join the #MEEKUMovement today.

Thank you for putting your trust and skin(care) in our hands. Skincare has always been a passion of ours and in a world full of synthetic products, finding wholesome, genuine good skincare has been scarce. Hence, it has always been a goal of ours to develop and share products that would help nourish and replenish our beautiful skin. Through multiple trials & errors, dedication, training and hard work, MEEKU is the ever evolving result of that!

shawn ryan bruno, ceo of meeku
Shawn Ryan Bruno, CEO of MEEKU

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