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Free Shipping On Orders Over $75

all of our products are handmade

It's What We Do Best

You Deserve The Best

Handmade has been an integral part of our concept since our beginning. It’s a core value of everything we believe in when it comes to commitment to quality and fresh ingredients.

Our commitment to quality supersedes all of our customer’s expectations. Hardworking individuals at MEEKU spend time defining the true concept of quality by handcrafting every single product in micro-batches because it’s the foundation of what we believe in.

Minimal Packaging

More than half of MEEKU products are sold without packaging. When packaging cannot be totally eliminated, we make sure they only use recycled, recyclable, reusable or compostable materials.


MEEKU products are 100% handmade. Our belief is that happy people make happy products. MEEKU believes handmade is an integral way to deliver the highest quality of products.

Always Improving

Our commitment to handmade doesn’t stop at our products: our logo and label designs are also handcrafted too. All the beautiful reclaimed wood furniture that gives our shops their signature look is constructed in our very own woodshop in Vancouver, Canada. 

In North America, everything we sell is made by hand in downtown Vancouver in a space filled with most of the things you’d find in your own kitchen. We like knowing the exact conditions under which our ingredients are produced, and which materials are used. This way, we can ensure that everything we use is of the highest quality and has been ethically sourced from beginning to end.

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