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Why Carrots? 

Remember when mom and dad used to tell us to eat our veggies so we could grow up healthy and strong? Well, they weren’t wrong! 


As one of the most nutrient dense vegetables on the planet, carrots are a powerhouse of benefits. They are high in antioxidants (beta-carotenes), vitamin A, vitamin C, carotenoids, and other minerals.


But wait, isn’t that only if we eat and digest them? Not exactly. 


Yes, most of the benefits of carrots can be achieved through healthy digestion and nutrient absorption, but, many of these benefits can also be achieved through your skin!  Our skin is transdermal, meaning that it absorbs anything that is put onto it. 

How is Meeku different from other skin care products? 


If you take a look in your skin care cupboard you will probably notice the majority of products list water as their first (and main) ingredient. Using H20 may seem natural, but water can also have unintended effects–like drying out your skin. For example, think how you feel after drying off from a shower. You likely have the urge to moisturize! 

MEEKU’s revolutionary and advanced techniques that incorporate fresh juices from fruits and vegetables, like carrots for our facial skincare line, will help nourish your skin with vast amounts of vitamins and minerals, and also provide a moisturizing barrier that helps your skin recover from environmental factors.

Won’t the juice in the products expire and go rotten? 

We have developed a unique process to safely preserve all of our skin care products. If properly stored out of direct sunlight and excessive heat, our products are safe and effective for up to 24 months after the manufacture date. Our manufacturing process in combination with food-grade preservatives has passed lab stability testing for proven product safety.


Why do some products smell funky?


Our priority at Meeku is providing skincare free or harmful chemicals and irritants, and often this means avoiding the use of fragrance. We also avoid the use of emulsifiers too, so if you see a little separation in the product, it’s totally normal and expected.  

What are the benefits of carrots on the skin? 

Create a complexion that GLOWS

Carrots help keep skin healthy and evens out texture due to the high vitamin C and antioxidants.

Reduce scarring & redness, and blemishes 

If you have read my story, you already know that I struggled for many years with poor skin and acne. I was absolutely relieved when I discovered how to incorporate fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables, to help heal my skin. Carrot juice is especially beneficial to help get rid of blemishes and scars.

Reduce the appearance of fine-lines and aging 

Carrots contain a good amount of vitamin C which helps stimulate collagen production. Collagen is key for skin elasticity, and it helps with wrinkle prevention. Vitamin A also destroys free radicals to help prevent signs of aging.

Enhance sun protection

Beta-carotene is converted to vitamin A inside the body, and it helps by repairing skin tissues. Instead of using Retinol, a synthetic form of Vitamin A, we offer MEEKU’s Carrot Infused Lightweight Moisturizer, made with fresh carrot juice.

Increase moisture 

Carrots are rich in potassium, which helps skin feel soft and hydrated throughout the day. 

Heal skin ailments

The antioxidants (beta-carotenes) in carrots help to treat minor skin conditions such as pimples and mild acne, rashes, and dermatitis. MEEKU’s Carrot Infused Facial Toner is a great way to help balance the PH of acne prone skin, while reducing redness and shrinking pores.

Enhance wound healing

Carrot juice can help with inflammation because of the Vitamin E. If you need an extra boost to help with inflammation on your skin, you can try MEEKU’s Carrot Infused Facial Serum with Niacinimide + Amino Acids.

MEEKU has developed an advanced array of facial products all infused with fresh carrot juice, with carrots sourced locally from Vancouver, British Columbia, that will help nourish your skin on the outside. The remarkable results you’ll get from using this skin care line for ALL SKIN TYPES, will continue to prove effective from any age range.

It’s never too late to start nourishing your skin with natural ingredients made from the earth.

Stop using plain water as a base, and satisfy your skin’s thirst.

You won’t regret it.

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