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Farm Fresh Fruits

We utilize local farm fresh fruits in our products to bring your skin care routine a vitamin rich experience.

Organic Veggies

Only the finest of organic vegetables are used. We source locally to bring Vancouver's finest to your anti-aging needs.

Organic Essential Oils

We use high quality organic essential oils in our products. No perfumes, no dyes, no alcohols.

Skin Care Has Finally Evolved



MEEKU skin care will always maintain high quality standards because the customer always comes first. We build a community around trust and maintain a commitment towards achieving 100% customer satisfaction.


MEEKU products are created from the highest quality fruit and vegetables juices, and teas. We support local farmers and create relationships in our community around the concept of supporting local. Water is never a first ingredient in our skin care line.


MEEKU will always use natural ingredients in our skin care line. We utilize ingredients that benefit the skin and help with healing. We use fresh organic ingredients as well.


MEEKU supports the concept of taking care of the planet and the animals that live on it. We will never test our products on animals and we will never use ingredients that are by-products of animals.

Anti-Aging Brightening Face Serum
Foaming Coffee Sugar Scrub

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